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Level 2 is a dungeon in Zelda 1. It is associated with a moon in the game's official manual and in The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia due to the dungeon being shaped like a crescent moon in the first quest of the game.

Level 2 (Moon)
レベル2 (ムーン)
Z1 Level 2 (Moon) Map.png
LocationEast Hyrule
FoundMagical Boomerang Z1 Magical Boomerang Sprite.png
4 Small Keys Z1 Small Key Sprite.png
NeededA weapon ( Z1 Sword Sprite 01.png Z1 Red Candle Sprite.png Z1 Bomb Sprite.png Z1 Arrow Sprite 01.png Z1 Magical Rod Sprite.png )
Bombs Z1 Bomb Sprite.png
UsefulMagical Shield Z1 Magical Shield Sprite 01.png
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Z1 Level 2 (Moon) Entrance Screenshot.png

Level 2 can be entered and completed at the beginning of the game and it is located atop a green, rocky area within the forest to the east of the desert. The entrance is the mouth of a green statue of a face.

The dungeon contains several enemies, locked doors, and walls that can be bombed. Like every dungeon in the game, a Dungeon Map and a Compass can be found to aid in navigation. The dungeon has no main item, but the Magical Boomerang can be obtained by defeating a group of blue Goriyas while avoiding projectiles from several Stone Statues.

At the northeast edge of the dungeon, an Old Man tells Link that "Dodongo dislikes smoke," which is a hint that Bombs are the weakness of the boss of the dungeon, Dodongo. Dodongo is a brown triceratops found at the northern edge of the dungeon that can only be defeated with Bombs. After its defeat, a Heart Container appears, a Triforce Shard is rewarded in the next room, and Link is transported back outside of the dungeon.

The only items required to complete the level are Bombs to defeat Dodongo and a weapon to defeat the enemies inside. A Magical Shield is useful for blocking the projectiles from Stone Statues. The dungeon contains 3 locked doors and 4 Small Keys, but none of the Keys are required to finish the dungeon or collect the Magical Boomerang. However, either 2 Small Keys or 2 Bombs are needed in order to collect the Dungeon Map and Compass.




Old Man Hints

Level 2 (Second Quest)
Z1 Level 2 (Second Quest) Map.png
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