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Level 5 is a dungeon in Zelda 1. It is associated with a lizard in the game's official manual and in The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia due to the dungeon being shaped like a lizard's head in the first quest of the game.

Level 5 (Lizard)
レベル5 (リザード)
Z1 Level 5 (Lizard) Map.png
LocationLost Hills
FoundFlute Z1 Flute Sprite.png
7 Small Keys Z1 Small Key Sprite.png
NeededFlute Z1 Flute Sprite.png
1 Bomb Z1 Bomb Sprite.png
Stepladder Z1 Stepladder Sprite.png
A weapon ( Z1 Sword Sprite 02.png Z1 Bomb Sprite.png )
3 Small Keys Z1 Small Key Sprite.png
UsefulFire ( Z1 Blue Candle Sprite.png Z1 Red Candle Sprite.png Z1 Book of Magic Sprite.png )
White Sword Z1 White Sword Sprite.png
Magical Shield Z1 Magical Shield Sprite 01.png
Blue Ring Z1 Blue Ring Sprite.png
100 Rupees Z1 Yellow Rupee Animated Sprite.png
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Z1 Level 5 (Lizard) Entrance Screenshot.png

Level 5 can be completed after the Stepladder has been obtained from Level 4. If the Old Woman in the waterfall in north Hyrule is paid 10 Rupees, she will tell Link to "Go up, up, the mountain ahead," which refers to the Lost Hills directly to the east of the waterfall. By going up the Lost Hills 4 times in a row, the top of the hill is reached and Level 5 is revealed. The entrance is the mouth of a brown statue of a face.

The dungeon contains several enemies, movable blocks, locked doors, and walls that can be bombed. Like every dungeon in the game, a Dungeon Map and a Compass can be found to aid in navigation. The dungeon's main item is the Flute, which is guarded by two rooms full of blue Darknuts. The Flute is needed to complete the dungeon and complete Level 7.

A group of 3 Dodongos is found 2 rooms north of the dungeon entrance. The reward for defeating them is 4 Bombs and access to the room to the west that contains a Small Key. In a room through a locked door northeast of the entrance of the dungeon, an Old Man tells Link that "Digdogger hates certain kind of sound," which is a hint that the Flute is the weakness of the boss of the dungeon, Digdogger. This room can also be accessed by bombing through the room's south wall. Another Old Man can be found in a hidden room by bombing through the north wall in the room east of the boss. This Old Man tells Link that "Secret power is said to be in the arrow," which is a hint that Pols Voices are weak to Arrows. In the room past the staircase in the first room of blue Darknuts, there is a locked door that leads to a room with a Small Key. If the east wall in this room is bombed, a hidden room is found with another Old Man who tells Link "I bet you'd like to have more bombs." If he is paid 100 Rupees, the Old Man will grant the ability to hold an additional 4 Bombs.

The boss of the dungeon is Digdogger, a giant sea urchin with an eyeball found at the northwest edge of the dungeon. It can only be damaged after it has been weakened and shrunk by playing the Flute in the same room. After its defeat, a Heart Container appears, a Triforce Shard is rewarded in the next room, and Link is transported back outside of the dungeon.

The items required to complete the level are the Flute, the Stepladder, Bombs, and a weapon to defeat Digdogger and the enemies inside. 8 Bombs can be found within the dungeon. Digdogger can be defeated with any item after being shrunk with the Flute. Darknuts can only be defeated with either a sword or Bombs. The White Sword and Blue Ring are useful for defeating the Darknuts. Bombs are needed in order to reach the room with the Flute. Bombs are also useful for reaching the room with the Bomb capacity upgrade and for defeating the group of Dodongos. A source of Fire, such as a Blue Candle, Red Candle, or Book of Magic, is useful for illuminating dark rooms. A Magical Shield is useful for blocking the projectiles from Stone Statues. The dungeon contains 6 locked doors and 7 Small Keys, but only 3 Keys are required to the complete the level. However, an additional Key is needed to obtain the Dungeon Map and another Key is needed to reach the room with the Bomb capacity upgrade.




Old Man Hints

Version Differences

Z1 Level 5 Version Difference Screenshot.png

In the NES and Famicom cartridge version of the game, the room before the Bomb upgrade has 8 Keese and a Small Key. In the original Famicom Disk System version of the game, there are no Keese, only the Key.

Level 5 (Second Quest)
Z1 Level 5 (Second Quest) Map.png
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