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Level 6 is a dungeon in Zelda 1. It is associated with a dragon in the game's official manual and in The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia due to the dungeon being shaped like a dragon in the first quest of the game.


Level 6 (Dragon)
レベル6 (ドラゴン)
Z1 Level 6 (Dragon) Map.png
LocationWest Hyrule
FoundMagical Rod Z1 Magical Rod Sprite.png
5 Small Keys Z1 Small Key Sprite.png
NeededBow and Arrow Z1 Bow Sprite 02.png Z1 Arrow Sprite 02.png
Rupees Z1 Yellow Rupee Animated Sprite.png
Stepladder Z1 Stepladder Sprite.png
A weapon ( Z1 Sword Sprite 02.png Z1 Bomb Sprite.png )
2 Small Keys Z1 Small Key Sprite.png
UsefulFire ( Z1 Blue Candle Sprite.png Z1 Red Candle Sprite.png Z1 Book of Magic Sprite.png )
Magical Sword Z1 Magical Sword Sprite 01.png
Magical Shield Z1 Magical Shield Sprite 01.png
Blue Ring Z1 Blue Ring Sprite.png
ZA Infobox Left Arrow.pngLevel 5Level 7ZA Infobox Right Arrow.png


Z1 Level 6 (Dragon) Entrance Screenshot.png

Level 6 can be completed after the Bow has been obtained from Level 1, the Arrow has been purchased from a shop, and the Stepladder has been obtained from Level 4. The level is located just east of the graveyard in west Hyrule and the entrance is the mouth of a white statue of a face.

The dungeon contains a three-headed Gleeok, a high amount of Wizzrobes, several other enemies, locked doors, and walls that can be bombed. Like every dungeon in the game, a Dungeon Map and a Compass can be found to aid in navigation. The dungeon's main item is the Magical Rod, which can shoot the same beams that Wizzrobes shoot.

Behind a locked door just east of the entrance of the dungeon, an Old Man tells Link to "Aim at the eyes of Gohma," which is a hint that the boss of the dungeon, a red Gohma, can be defeated by shooting it in the eye with an Arrow. Another Old Man can be found at the north side of the dungeon who tells Link that "There are secrets where fairies don't live," hinting at the location of Level 7 being within a pond that has no fairy.

The boss of the dungeon is a red Gohma, a giant crab with an eyeball found at the northwest edge of the dungeon. It can only be defeated by shooting it in the eye with a single Arrow. After its defeat, a Heart Container appears, a Triforce Shard is rewarded in the next room, and Link is transported back outside of the dungeon.

The items required to complete the level are the Bow and Arrow, Rupees for Arrow ammo, the Stepladder, and a weapon to defeat the enemies inside. Wizzrobes can only be defeated with either a sword or Bombs. The Magical Sword and Blue Ring are useful for defeating Wizzrobes. A source of Fire, such as a Blue Candle, Red Candle, or Book of Magic, is useful for illuminating dark rooms. A Magical Shield is useful for blocking the projectiles from Wizzrobes and Stone Statues. The dungeon contains 5 locked doors and 5 Small Keys, but only 2 Keys are required to complete the level. The three-headed Gleeok can be skipped by bombing through the east wall of the room before it and then going through the locked door ahead. The Magical Rod can be obtained either with an additional Small Key or by bombing through the wall east of its location. The Magical Rod is useful in this dungeon due to the several rooms that contain both Bubbles and Like Likes because the player is left defenseless against the Like Likes if the sword is disabled by a Bubble and the player wishes to conserve Bombs and Rupees for Arrows. Defense against Like Likes is important in this dungeon because of their ability to steal the Magical Shield, an item that can block the beams of Wizzrobes.




Old Man Hints

Second Quest

Level 6 (Second Quest)
Z1 Level 6 (Second Quest) Map.png
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